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    • 12 2017. 10월 2018-2019 Open Call for Artist-In-Residency for Cheongju Art Studio The Cheongju Art Studio is run by the city council of Cheong Ju, Korea. It is designed to provide an ideal working space with diverse programs for both domestic and international artists. The fundamental purpose of the residency is to encourage the artists personal artistic growth and interaction with the works and ideas of fellow artists. Through active discussion they will lead their art creativity and motivation in art. The Cheongju Art Studio accepts about 23 artists each year. Each artist is provided with their own studio a bathroom and a small kitchen area. The studio is spacious with a high ceiling. It is designed as a loft where an artist can work and sleep, and is open 24 hours a day. Each artist will have a solo show with a brochure and promotion. Also artists will participate in several group shows inside and outside of the city. Each year we curate two to three group shows. We also host an open studio and several artists workshops in which artists give public presentations on their work. Cheongju Art Studio □ Deadline : ​​​​ 2~6 November, 2017 18:00 □ Period of Residence : Long term 1 year / Short term 3 months or 6 months □ No application fee □ Cost of LivingThe unfurnished studio is provided with a small private bathroom and kitchen area(Artist is financially responsible for personal electrical usage and internet) □ The 12th Artist-In-Residence in 2018-2019 ○ Long Term Residency : April 21, 2018~ April 15, 2019(1Year) ○ Short Term Residency (6months / 3months) 6 months Term 1- April. 21.2018 ~ Oct. 15. 2018 Term 2- Oct. 21. 2018 ~ April. 15. 2019 If you apply for a short term residency, please indicate two possible terms. 3 months Term 1- April. 21. 2018 ~ July. 15. 2018 Term 2- July. 21. 2018 ~ Oct. 15. 2018 Term 3- Oct. 21. 2018 ~ January. 15. 2019 Term 4- January. 21. 2019 ~ April. 15. 2019 If you apply for a short term residency, please indicate two possible terms. □ DISCIPLINES- Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Installation, Project team, Multimedia, and Critic □ ELIGIBILITY- Artists from both Korea and overseas above the age of 20 (at the time of notification)- Artists who work actively in their field □ APPLICATION PROCEDURE STEP 1. A complete application form at ▶ DOWNLOAD(​http://cmoa.cheongju.go.kr/cjasEng/index.do) STEP 2. Portfolio with description of work(We ONLY accept MS PowerPoint presentation format)- Digital files should be JPEG and no more than 15 images- Video files require for Multimedia applicant, Max. 10mins, with AVI format STEP 3. A Copy of Passport STEP 4. Resume / Curriculum Vitae STEP 5. Statement of Objectives- plans for projects and ideas while at the residency program STEP 6. Short Interview if you reside in Korea* Currently we ONLY accept online application. □ NOTIFICATION- Portfolio review and interview in November~December- Final notification in December 2016- Selected candidates will be notified via email and on our homepage(​http://cmoa.cheongju.go.kr/cjasEng/index.do)​ □ IMPORTANT- Any falsification of documents, will result in cancellation of selection- Must not be enrolled in other residency program at the time of this program- Must pay your own electronic and internet bills before you leave the studio □ CONTACT : Cheongju Art Studio- tel. +82-43-201-4057~8 / fax 82-43-201-4059 Address : 55 Yongam-ro, Sangdang-gu, Cheong-Ju, Chungbuk, KOREA 360-811* Any concerns and questions accepted via E-mail / duree1496@korea.kr 자세히보기
    • 28 2016. 12월 Final Results of the Cheongju Art Studio Artist-in-Residence 2017 Final Results of the Cheongju Art Studio Artist-in-Residence 2017 Long-term -1 year 2017. 4.29 - 2018. 4.21 Song Mee-jin Heo Ju-hye Seong Pil-ha An Gyung-su beom jin-yong Lee Woo-sung Jeong Jae-beom Jeon Byung-koo LIM SEUNG-KYUN Short-term -6 Month 2017. 4.29 - 2017. 10.21 Kim Mi-rae Jun Hye-Joo Yun Ho-jin 2017. 10.29 - 2018. 4.21 HER HYEON-SOOK Jung hye-kyung MARIA SAVVA/cyprus Short-term -3 Month 2017. 4.29 - 2017. 7.21 Park Eun-Young Florian Rosier/German 2017. 7.29 - 2017. 10.21 Kim doo-won Kang Joo-Lee 2017. 10.29 - 2018. 1.21 Shin Seung-ju Kumiko Sakamoto/Japan 2018. 1.29 - 2018. 4.21 Kim Young-jin jeon ka-bin Cheongju Art Studio 55 Yongam-ro, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju-si, KOREA t.+82-43-201-4057~8/ f.+82-43 자세히보기
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